Wednesday, April 10, 2002
NIKKEI 225: 11,114.49   -238.40 Tokyo 16
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 Maybe I'm more passionate than people think. 
Actress Naho Toda on her new stage role. (Shukan Shincho)

Leak forces reactor shutdown
Three perish in Aichi fire
Koizumi tells kids about traffic safety
Gunma town to issue beef coupons
Insurers spurned applicants with illness
More people to take hepatitis C test
Group opposes emergency law
Gospel Crusade leader Honda dies
Nuclear body urges MOX fuel use
Man hospitalized with paratyphoid
Gov't to open Isahaya lock gates
1st dance college to open in Fukushima
Gov't coins new word for "settlement"
Gov't looks to revitalize cities
Pre-war classical music back on CDs
Transsexual to lecture at med school
Fewer to go abroad in Golden Week
A-bomb survivors in Brazil to sue
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Koizumi blasts Mizuho for slacking off
Kawaguchi scolds diplomat over email
China objects to Ozawa's remarks
DPJ to probe alleged Koizumi scandal
PM to visit China to patch up relations
Diet approves resignation of Kato
Ministers praise Kato's resignation
Blue book highlights antiterror fight
Japan, U.S. join Korean talks
Tsujimoto will skip Diet testimony
PM denies graft claims against brother
FM to publish disarmament paper
Aides shift blame back to lawmakers
Gov't presents draft for emergency law
Kono's son undergoes transplant test
Koizumi, Zhu to hold talks in Boao
More politics news

Man beaten to death with iron bar
Chinese held in Y14 mil robbery
Woman admits skeletons her babies
Robber asks store clerk to call cops
Man found shot dead in Hokkaido house
More crime news

Tokyo stocks plunge
Japan urges Iran not to curb oil exports
Moody's Japan to get new head
Panel to discuss bad loans next week
S&P says JAL rating still negative
Zoellick to get earful on steel tariffs
Niko Niko Do seeks court protection
4 nonlife insurers report revenue rises
Tokyo General's dealing suspended
Yanagisawa told to act on bad loans
Daiwa, Asahi banks to merge: paper
Soft-drink makers' stocks rise
Jusco to reopen ex-Kotobukiya stores
Daiei refurbishes outlets
Keidanren chief hopes Kato will return
Aizawa wants to extend guarantee
Economy watchers index up sharply
Postal service corp should pay tax
More business news

Mizuho glitches affecting businesses
Six companies form IT solution center
Osaka Gas to stop LNG plant
Yamaha Motor to set up China center
Nippon Steel forecasts Y30 bil loss
JVC predicts bigger loss
Russia seeks aid for Tajik plant
BOJ to check banks' computer systems
Matsushita, China's TCL to tie up
Mizuho finds more double withdrawals
Gov't eyes advanced Asian IT network
Microsoft shrugs off slow Xbox sales
Hitachi to cut 9,000 jobs
More technology news

Hasegawa earns 1st win for Mariners
Komiyama commended despite loss
Nagashima to train baseball Olympians
Kawaguchi to get knee checks in U.K.
2001 rookie of year boxer Irei dies
Orix downs Seibu 2-0
More sport news

25 N Korean defectors arrive in South
China bans cosmetics on mad cow fear
2 Indonesian soldiers killed in Aceh
Taiwan signs tax agreement with U.K.
5 killed, 53 injured in Afghan attack
Referendum on Musharraf April 30
India declares al Qaeda terrorist outfit
Malaysia goes defense shopping
Killer zookeeper gets 5 years
S'pore web site tests for sex addiction
S Asian ministers discuss poverty
More asia news

Israel announces limited withdrawal
New York Times wins 7 Pulitzer Prizes
American Airlines sued for $50 mil
Confusion over cloning pregnancy
Queen praises mom, thanks mourners
Andersen cuts 7,000 jobs in U.S.
Iraq halts oil exports for month
St John's wort bad for cancer therapy
U.N. forum on aging begins in Madrid
Space shuttle launched
Peru truth commission hears horrors
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Nuclear safety body urges MOX fuel use

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TOKYO The Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan on Tuesday assured the nation that it is safe to use plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (MOX) fuel at nuclear plants, and recommended stepped-up safety measures at plants nationwide, in an effort to overcome growing public concerns that have so far prevented the fuel's debut in the country.

In its 2001 white paper on nuclear safety, the commission affiliated with the Cabinet Office also virtually conceded that its lack of a cohesive safety inspection system was to blame for an accident last November at a Hamaoka plant in Shizuoka Prefecture. (Kyodo News)

Japan Today Discussion

buckets and paper towels.
uiru Click here to see all messages by uiru (Apr 9 2002 - 12:09)

In a country where the authorities responsible for nuclear safety have presided over power stations removing radioactive waste in plastic buckets and leakages being mopped up with paper towels, any assurance of the safety of MOX fuels does nothing but strike fear into my heart.

I feel indebted to the city council that my local eyesore is a sewage replacement plant rather than one of these MOX nuclear facilities.

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Foreigners get travel discounts
Tight surveillance of airwaves planned
583,800 apply for last tickets
World Cup TV coverage not in danger
English fans will behave: FA

50% support for Koizumi is not low
Aging hookers selling well
Preparing for World Cup germ invasion
Globalization will destroy Japan
Making punishment "fit" the crime

Five-day school week: Good or bad?
Takeshi's latest affair hits his pocket
Chinese gangs too much for cops
Sex harassment rife in track and field
Chronic dishonesty in figure skating

How would you feel if Japan had nuclear weapons?
"The world doesn't need more countries with nuclear weapons."

What fashion items are you getting for spring and summer?
"Light-pink mules and a knee-length skirt with lots of floral designs on it."

Vacuum cleaner air freshener
Vacuum cleaner with cyclone-system, ...

Massage chair
Mchair, HEC-DC11, SANYO Electric Co, Ltd

Wireless monitoring camera
Wireless network camera AirCAM, ...

A sporting chance
Christophe Bezu, adidas Japan KK

Taking aim at software pirates
Naoko Mizukoshi, Business Software Alliance

The lap of luxury
Tetsuo Kuboyama, The Windsor Hotels International Co Ltd

Child make-up has dubious value
By Charles Lewis

Segregated cars no answer to gropers
By D Gordon Hilton

Gov't lost on crisis management
By Takashi Inoue

Foreign pharmaceuticals making inroads

Food scandals fuel organic boom

Universities try new lures for students

Researchers spawn robot industry

E-books becoming more popular

Oodles of noodles
The inventor of instant and cup noodles at 92

Japanese mercenary tells his story
Soldiers are society's strongest

Long live the kimono
The art and heart of Japan's unique garment

Jodie Foster pushes "panic" button
No short cuts for Morgan Freeman
Meg Ryan milks romantic genre
Russell Crowe on best behavior
Schwarzenegger sticks to his guns

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