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28 February 1997

High Level Nuclear Waste Shipment Approaching Nauru

The Republic of Nauru has been informed that the Japanese high level radioactive nuclear waste shipment on board the Pacific Teal is approaching the Nauru Exclusive Economic Zone.

His Excellency, the President of Nauru, the Hon. Kinza Clodumar MP, has expressed concern for the safety not only of Nauru, but for the damage that could be caused within the Nauru EEZ and adjacent international waters.

Speaking from Nauru today, he said:

"I am absolutely opposed to such shipments which should be banned internationally, and I call upon the Japanese Government and the owners of the Pacific Teal to stay outside the Nauru Exclusive Economic Zone."
It has been reliably stated to Nauru that the shipment is not designed to withstand accident conditions and there is some indication that there would be no intention of salvaging the ship in the event of its sinking over 200 metres below sea level.

President Clodumar indicated that the Government of Nauru would be considering a protest to the Japanese Government over the issue.

ENDS ...... For further information, contact:

Helen Bogdan
Public Affairs Consultant
Republic of Nauru (Melbourne office)

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