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1/25/95 Peaceful Plutonium? No Such Thing

11/15/94 NPT Extension Conference Imperils World by Ignoring Dangers of Plutonium

10/7/94 A Japanese Strategic Uranium Reserve: A Safe and Economic Alternative to Plutonium

8/29/94 Highly Enriched Uranium: Stop the Commerce and Don't Use It

7/13/94 Reactor Was Designed to Breed Plutonium

6/8/94 The New Nuclear Threat

5/22/93 The Coming Age of Plutonium


8/24/95 Sensitive Nuclear Technology

7/12/95 Comments of the Nuclear Control Institute on Draft EIS on a Proposed Nuclear Weapons Nonproliferation Policy Concerning Foreign Research Reactor Spent

5/15/95 Comments on DOE's Tritium Supply and Recycling Draft PEIS

10/31/94 South Carolina Acceptance of U.S.-Origin Nuclear Fuel Essential to Stopping the Spread of Nuclear Weapons

10/7/94 Comments: Weapons Plutonium Disposition, Comments on PEIS Scoping

Issue Briefs

4/7/95 Highly Enriched Uranium and the Safari I Reactor

4/4/95 Fact Sheet on Fissile Materials and the NPT

12/22/94 Backgrounder on Czech Seizure of heU

6/16/94 The North Korean Nuclear Crisis-Backgrounder

10/21/93 Backgrounder--U.S. Supports Weak International Transport Codes to Accomodate European and Japanese Plutonium Trade


8/25/95 Letter to Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary

1/23/95 Open Letter to Delegates to the Fourth Session of the NPT Preparatory Committee

Press Releases


9/12/94 IAEA Safeguards Shortcomings---A Critique

2/1/92 Argentina and Brazil's New Arrangement for Mutual Inspections and IAEA Safeguards

1/1/91 Eliminating Bomb-Grade Uranium from Research Reactors

8/1/90 Opportunities for Improvement of the NPT Regime

8/1/90 Are IAEA Safeguards on Plutonium Bulk-Handling Facilities Effective?

8/1/90 Reactor-Grade Plutonium's Explosive Properties

6/20/90 Latent and Blatent Proliferation: Does the NPT Work Against Either?

10/21/94 Latin America, Plutonium & the NPT

3/8/94 What Should be the Fundamental Basis of National Plutonium Policy?

12/8/93 International Plutonium Storage: Managing the Unmanageable

11/18/93 Plutonium and the NPT


2/22/95 Statement by Paul Leventhal

2/14/95 Statement of Daniel Horner

9/29/94 Statement: U.S.-Euratom Agreement for Nuclear Cooperation

9/12/94 Affidavit: Off-Site Fuels Policy

10/9/92 Statement


6/6/94 Testimony: International Plutonium Trade

5/10/94 Testimony: Opposition to FRM2

3/23/94 Testimony: International Security Threat Posed by Plutonium

8/5/93 Testimony

1/14/92 Testimony: Threat of North Korean Proliferation

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