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May 1 - December 28, 2001

Stories on plutonium and reprocessing gathered from various sources:

December 28   
Russia's Siberia may stop nuclear waste import next year Interfax (Russia)
December 22   
Benton commissioner aims to save FFTF Tri-City Herald
New terror threat to Britain Guardian Unlimited
Protests greet plutonium decision Guardian Unlimited

December 21   
U.S. Orders Closure of Hanford Nuclear Reactor L.A. Times
Sellafield go-ahead Scotsman

December 20   
Resting Nuclear Plant Is Finally Put to Sleep New York Times
Energy Secretary orders FFTF shut down Tri-City Herald (Washington State)
Energy Dept. orders permanent shut down of reactor AP
Norway gives Ireland strong support Irish Times
Bush Calls Putin on Arms Reduction AP
Russian parliament passes law ruling on imports of spent nuclear fuel Interfax (Russia)
Nuclear plant to go ahead Telegraph (UK)

December 19   
I'll Cut the Fence, You Grab the Plutonium VillageVoice.com
December 18
Norway gives Ireland strong support Irish Times
December 16
Sellafield terror attack warning Observer (UK)
December 14   
Hearing granted on MOX plant Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)
December 13
Sellafield Anti-Terrorist Review WhiteHaven News
Speak Out On Nuclear Waste WhiteHaven News
December 10
Government set for new wrangle over Sellafield plant Irish Independent

December 9
SRS plant will stabilize waste
Augusta Chronicle
EU Commissioner backs battle against Sellafield Irish Independent 
December 8
Ministers' MOX fight to continue
Irish Independent
DOE proposes vitrification cuts
Tri-City Herald

December 7

Nuclear waste import and the public opposition Bellona (Norway)
December 6
Hodges, Hollings question Energy official's role in plutonium decisions Greenville News (South Carolina)
Return of vitrified residues to Japan
BNFL news release
December 5
Options sought for Rocky Flats plutonium Rocky Mountain News
Dispute with S.C. means Colo. plutonium stays put Scripps Howard News

December 4

UK terror Act to gag nuclear ship reports Lloyds List 

The nuclear nightmare on our doorstep Irish Independent
Group to probe terror threat to Sellafield online.ie
December 3
Ireland loses challenge to Sellafield MOX expansion Irish Times
UN court rejects Sellafield challenge BBC (UK)
Hodges getting new support
Greenville, South Carolina
December 2
Adviser allays plutonium fears AP
Plutonium won't stay in S.C.,
Bush aide say AP
November 30
DOE warned about plutonium storage plans Capital Bureau 
November 28
How Secure Is Pakistan's Plutonium?
New York Times
November 26
UK could be cited on MOX for breaching UN treaties Irish Independent
November 25
Should Sellafield be shut down? BBC
Trains Full of Terror Time Europe
Irish take out anti-nuclear advert CNN
Irish step up bid to close Sellafield Ananova (UK)
November 23
Hodges against oversight by Energy Dept. official AP
November 22
UN tribunal hopes to rule on Sellafield early December Reuters
Fire scare hits Tokai nuclear center Kyodo (Japan)

November 21

Tension builds with UK over 'dirty' nuclear MOX plant Independent (UK)
November 19
State to seek MOX ban at UN tribunal Irish Independent
November 18
It's the Plutonium, Stupid [op ed] L.A. Times
November 17
Security plan for Russian plutonium has foes Philadelphia Inquirer
November 15
Nuclear warhead reduction could leave plutonium at risk New Scientist
November 14
MOX fuel transport said attractive terrorist target Kyodo News Service
Sellafield hearing set for next week
The Irish Times
November 13
Russian Official Reveals Attempt Made to Steal Nuclear Materials Washington Post
Germany Puts 15,000 Police on Nuclear Cargo Guard Reuters
November 12
Lax Nuclear Security in Russia Is Cited as Way for bin Laden to Get Arms New York Times
Germany's nuclear protests unfold BBC
November 11
British Energy calls end to nuclear waste reprocessing The Sunday Times (UK)
November 10
New plant at Sellafield 'to be a threat for 20 years' Irish Independent
Initial move today against MOX plant The Irish Time
Germans Protest Nuclear Waste The Las Vegas SUN
November 9   
Dublin files case against atomic fuel recycling plant The Financial Times

November 8 
Sellafield 'wide open' to terror attacks The Irish Examiner
Nuclear disaster rehearsal proves to be no match for the big game The Irish Independent
November 7    
Hodges voices security concerns, seeks aid The State (Columbia, S. Carolina)
Hodges appeals to Ridge for plutonium help Greenville News (South Carolina)
Federal government can't account for some plutonium Greenville News
Barnwell-area waste site may have received fuel rods Greenville News

November 6    
Brussels looks into Sellafield Financial Times (UK)
Nuclear institutes probed over waste disposal The Japan Times
November 5    
Nuclear Weapons Fuel Still a Burning Question L.A. Times
Inquiry call over company guarding UK nuclear plants The Observer (UK)
November 4
'National Guard' to defend UK nuclear sites Independent (UK)
Shut Sellafield or face court, says Minister Sunday Independent (Irish)
Leading scientists slam EU report on Sellafield Sunday Business Post (Ireland)
November 2
Jets Scrambled over Sellafield Evening News & Star (Oct. 30 issue)
October 31
From Plutonium to Plowshares L.A. Times
SRS adds checkpoints, barriers AP
October 30
Governor keeps up SRS fight The Augusta Chronicle
October 29
Dangers of proceeding with MOX
The Irish Times
SRS's risk of attack is slight
The Charlotte Observer
October 28
Germany takes steps to block nuclear waste protests The Irish Times
October 27
Moving plutonium creates target for terrorists The State (Columbia, South Carolina)
Ireland challenges Sellafield plant BBC (UK)
Nuclear waste import and the public opposition Bellona Foundation (Norway)
Norway considers lawsuit against the Nuclear Kingdom Bellona Foundation (Norway)
October 26
Irradiated fuel imports meet Russia's interests - expert Itar-Tass (Russia)
Environmental groups protest plans to transport spent nuclear fuel to Russia through Ukraine KPnews (Ukraine)
October 25 
Irish anger over findings on nuclear dangers Irish Times
Nuclear Waste: Have Your Say Whitehaven News
Europe Tightens Security at Nuclear and Other Sensitive Sites AP
October 24 
Plutonium shipment being prepared Greenville News (South Carolina)
Bill aims to punish nuclear terrorism Japan Times
Irish anger over findings on nuclear dangers Irish Times
Greenpeace protests transit of nuclear waste across Russia's Siberia NTV Moscow (Russia)
France Puts Anti-Aircraft at Nuke Site AP
October 23 
SRS maps plans for replacing plant Augusta Chronicle
Sellafield attack 'could be worse than Chernobyl' Guardian (UK)
Security boosted at nuclear plants Financial Times (UK)
Minatom forgets to inform President about spent fuel import Bellona Foundation (Norway)

October 22 
BNFL increases pressure for split Financial Times (UK)
October 21 
Dail to debate Sellafield legal challenge Sunday Business Post (Ireland)
BNFL on the brink of bankruptcy Telegraph Group (UK)
October 20 
France positions missiles to protect nuclear plant Guardian (UK)
France shields nuclear center AP
October 19   
Reinforced protection for sensitive sites Le Figaro (France)
Missiles to Protect La Hague; A plan to defend sites of national interest Ouest (France)
France positions missiles to protect nuclear site Reuters
October 16 
Nuclear waste trains 'at risk from terrorists' Security Independent (UK)
October 15 
Nuke waste delay is dangerous Denver Post (Colorado)
Warns CSRA to be aware SRS a likely target for terrorists Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
October 14 
Nuclear chiefs refuse to halt trains 'at risk' Independent Digital (UK)
October 13
Irish PM demands Sellafield closure BBC
October 12
BNFL says article on Sellafield is 'scaremongering at its worst' Irish Times
Sellafield is the biggest threat to Ireland's safety Bray People (Ireland)
Sellafield Mox Plant - Manufacture Of Mox Fuel Is Justified DEFRA
October 11
Russian minister denies talks held on importing spent nuclear fuel Interfax (Russia)
South Carolina evaluated possible terrorist targets in 1999 AP
Sellafield attack 'would dwarf Chernobyl' eonline.ie (Ireland)
October 9
German nuclear shipment to go ahead on 10 October, activists say DDP Berlin (Germany)
October 8
Security tight at Pantex after attacks Amarillo Globe-News
Pantex to get new lab Amarillo Globe-News
October 7
Ministers dismissed Sellafield terror risks Independent Digital (UK)
October 6
Report Suggests Test Site for Plutonium Storage Las Vegas Review-Journal
Plutonium plant verdict 'unlawful' The Guardian (UK)
October 5
UK Approves MOX Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Plant Lycos
Watchdog questions need for SRS plutonium plant Augusta Chronicle
October 4
This Government is dangerously infatuated with the nuclear industry Independent Digital (UK)
Nuclear fuel go-ahead The Scotsman
Britain approves controversial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant AP
Stupidity of nuclear shipments to Japan The Guardian (UK)
Government to challenge Sellafield expansion Irish Times
October 1
Ministers back Mox despite terror fear The Guardian (UK)
Russia needs 10 years to remove nuclear waste from Kola peninsula Interfax (Russia)
September 30   
Plutonium Plant Needed, Reps Say Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)
3,400 attend Tokai nuclear accident drill Japan Today
September 29   
The Day that Changed Tokaimura Forever Yomiuri Shimbum (Japan)
September 28
Plutonium and Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Frank N. von Hippel, Science
Minister's approval of nuclear facility causes outrage ABC News
September 26  
Terrorists Could Hit South Carolina The State (Columbia, South Carolina)
 Attacks Magnify Fears About Excess Plutonium The State (Columbia, South Carolina)
The Fallout Guardian (UK)
September 25 
A wake-up call to avoid Armageddon: U.S. should secure Russia's nuclear stockpiles now San Francisco Chronicle
September 24 
Russia holds talks on storage and processing of foreign nuclear fuel Interfax (Russia)
Attacks bring halt to cross-country shipments of nuclear fuel Independent (UK)
September 23 
New nuclear waste plant to go ahead at Sellafield Sunday Times (UK)
September 22 
Plutonium plans put on hold Knight Ridder Newspapers
Sellafield shuts plants as N-waste builds up Guardian Unlimited
September 21   

Weapons-grade plutonium production to stop in Tomsk rgn ITAR-TASS
Shipment of nuclear waste canceled Akron Beacon Journal
September 20   
BNFL gets go-ahead for MOX recycling facility Financial Times (UK)
U.S. and Russia Make Progress on Storage of Nuclear Materials Environment News Service
Sellafield Security Reviewed BBC
September 19   
Atom threat: Sellafield nuclear plant could be prime target for terrorists Guardian Unlimited
September 16
Pantex suspends normal operations until further notice Amarillo Globe  
September 14
Scots call for delay on nuclear plant The Times (UK)
BNFL set to get the go-ahead for new Mox plant
Financial Times (UK)
September 12
Plutonium will be ready to ship if S.C. accepts it Charlotte Observer
Fast-breeder reactor research the way forward
The Asahi Shimbun
UK Government looks for public consensus on managing radioactive waste
M2 Communications 
British Energy plea over atomic power
Financial Times (UK)
September 11
Plutonium game plan is still on Rocky Mountains News
September 10
Russia Will Prolong Production Of Weapons Grade Plutonium A&G News
September 9   
Storage of metal debated Augusta Chronicle (SC)
Ditch plutonium, honor treaty Thurmond tells White House
Thurmond asks Bush to follow plutonium guidelines
September 8
Thurmond, Senate Armed Services panel criticize DOE on plutonium policy Greenville News (SC)
Thurmond Wants DOE Held Accountable for Plutonium Disposition
Greenville News

September 7

Delegation Urges Plan for Plutonium at SRS The State (Columbia SC)
September 5
State's Nuclear Council Weighs In The State (Columbia SC)
Larger Reality for Plutonium [editorial]
Greenville News (SC)
September 4
Plutonium Shipments Will Occur Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
Norway gives Russian region funds for nuclear waste storage
RIA news agency (Russian)
September 2
For safety's sake, restore SRS funds (letter) Augusta Chronicle
Plutonium & politics are a combustible combination [editorial]
Greenville News (SC)
September 1
Progress on Plutonium [editorial] Charleston Post & Courier (SC)
Plutonium letter unites S.C. leaders
Charleston Post & Courier (SC)
Newspaper denies Russian secretiveness about nuclear dumping
 Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russia)
German nuclear waste reaches French plant

August 31

Leaders Unite at SRS Aiken Standard
Leaders Fail to Unite on Plutonium Stand
Greenville News
Letter from Gov. Jim Hodges and Atorney General Charlie Condon to U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham Greenville News
Hodges Discusses Plutonium for SRS AP
State Officials Split on Plutonium Letter
Savannah Morning News
Don't Dump on S.C. [Editorial] Charlotte Observer
August 30
Storing plutonium at SRS is not safe Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
MOX plan is expensive, unworkable
Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
SRS has a role in responsible nuclear disposal State (Columbia, S.  Carolina)
Funding plan might end plutonium standoff
State (Columbia, S.  Carolina)
Hearings on Nuclear Site Challenged L.A. Times
August 29
Hodges, DOE to continue talks on plutonium shipments State (Columbia, S.  Carolina)
Georgia governor urges DOE to keep its promise to S.C. on plutonium Greenville News (South Carolina)
German nuclear waste train heads to France AP
August 28
Governor Cools Roadblock Talk AP
Russia Seeks Plutonium Deal Delay
Russia to Scrap Reactors by 2006
Aomori Local Governments Asked to Approve Building of MOX Factory
Kyodo News
Russia Seeks Plutonium Deal Delay
White House moves into danger zone on plutonium
Toronto Star
Efforts Delayed to Block Plutonium Shipments
L.A. Times
August 27
The Plutonium Nightmare New York Times
Russia to delay stop to weapons-grade plutonium production
Itar-Tass (Russia)
Governor delays exercises to block plutonium shipments
Hodges postpones plutonium roadblock exercise
Greenville News

August 26
Bush's Energy Plan Bares Industry Clout L.A. Times
Hodges takes win-win position on plutonium
Sun News
U.S. Sen. Harry Reid blasts DOE, nuclear waste plan
Tri-State Online
Nevada is ground zero in nuclear waste debate
Knight Ridder
Canceled plutonium project not dead
ANG Newspapers
Industry has access to Cheney
L.A. Times
Plutonium cleanup plans in limbo
Contra Costa Times

August 25
Plutonium Deal Hammered Out Greenville News (South Carolina)
DOE Will Postpone Shipments to SRS
Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
Plutonium Shipments to SRS Put on Hold The State (Columbia, S.  Carolina)
South Carolina Wins Delay on Plutonium New York Times
Seek Timetable to Assure Safe Storage of Plutonium
Atlanta Constitution (Georgia)
Yucca Mountain OK for Nuke Waste
ABC News

August 24
Suitcase Bomb Plutonium [editorial] L.A. Times 
Energy Officials in Washington "Stiff-Arm" Hodges Greenville News
GOP, Federal Officials to Meet on SRS
The State
S.C. Utilities Don't Favor Nuclear Plants at SRS
The State
Republicans, Democrats Line Up to Argue Against Plutonium Plan
Japan power industry seeks public support for MOX

August 23
Governor Calls on Bush to Keep Plutonium Out The State
Savannah River Site Eyed as Nuclear Energy Park
Greenville News
Hodges Letter on Plutonium to President Bush
Greenville News
Graham Takes Stand on Plutonium Shipments
Aiken Standard
SRS Plans Could be Abandoned
Augusta Chronicle
Nuclear Fuel Proposal is Under Consideration
Charlotte Observer
S.C. Representative Calls for Quick Action on Plutonium Shipments
The Daily Camera
Bush Dropping Plans to Dispose of Plutonium
London Times

August 22
S.C. Representative Calls for Quick Action on Plutonium Shipments AP
Hodges Goes to Bush on Plutonium Issue
Charleston SC Post & Courier
Governor Calls on Bush to Keep Plutonium Out
The State, Columbia SC
SC Getting Runaround from Washington on Plutonium, Graham Says
Greenville SC News
Mountain Deemed Safe for Dump
L.A. Times

August 21
U.S. Balks on Plan to Take Plutonium Out of Warheads New York Times
S.C. Needs Guarantee State Won't Be Nuclear Dumping Ground
The State
Plutonium Storage at SRS is Safe
Augusta Chronicle

August 20
High stakes in Nevada: Future of nuclear energy in U.S. hinges on waste-storage decision Seattle Times
Norway demands to shut down British nuclear complex
Plutonium: One Rare Metal No One Wants
Greenville News
Plutonium: Toxicological Profile
Greenville News
Seek Timetable to Secure Safe Storage of Plutonium
Atlanta Journal- Constitution

August 19
Siemens Won't Sell Nuclear Plant to Russians
Frankfurter Allgemeine
BNFL asks for more cash
Guardian Unlimited
Nevada N-Waste Battle Closely Tied to Utah's
Salt Lake Tribune
Scientists see way to make nuclear waste safe
Independent Digital (UK)
Taking a stick to slipshod Sellafield
Guardian Unlimited
August 18
Condon to Sue Federal Government Over Storage of Nuclear Material AP
DOE Postpones Shipments, Seeks Talks to Ease Dispute
Spartanburg Herald
GAO Demands Bush Surrender Cheney Records
Washington Post
GAO May File Suit Over Energy Papers
L.A. Times
Scientist Challenges Censorship
Washington Post
Stay Course on Plutonium
Charleston Post & Courier
Russians Warn of Nuclear Waste
August 17
S.C Governor Vows to Block Waste Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Governor to Prevent Plutonium Shipments
Chicago Tribune
S.C. Attorney General Statement on Plutonium Lawsuit
Greenville News
Condon battles plutonium shipments
Augusta Chronicle
S.C. girds itself for tough battle over plutonium
Charlotte Observer
August 16
Roadblocks Plan Draws New GOP Fire Augusta Chronicle
Feds Delay Nuke Shipments, Will Meet with State
Greenville News
Peeler Comments on Hodges' Roadblock Plan
Greenville News
Governor Orders Preparation to Block Entry of Plutonium
Charlotte Observer
Condon to visit amid SRS debate
Aiken Standard
August 15
Condon's Letter to the Governor Greenville News
Condon Questions Plan to Stop SRS Plutonium
Augusta Chronicle
State Urged Not to Block Plutonium
The State
Plutonium Shipments May Face Roadblock
Aiken Standard
Professor Advocates Test Reactor
August Chronicle
Nuking Common Sense
Denver Post
August 14
S.C. Governor Orders Exercise to Block Plutonium Shipments Hodges orders plutonium-blocking exercises Greenville News
Hodges Fights SRS Plutonium Plan
Augusta Chronicle
Graham Questions SRS Feud
Augusta Chronicle
Hodges Orders Public Safety Exercises Near SRS
The State (Columbia, South Carolina)
Procedures Taken for Returning BNFL's Falsified MOX
August 13
Plutonium Concerns Augusta Chronicle
Carolina Police May Block Bush's Nuclear Waste
The Guardian
Washington Shouldn't Send Plutonium Here Without a Long-range Plan
Spartanburg Herald-Journal (South Carolina)
Bound by the Bomb: Plutonium-239 Production a 2-Step Process at Hanford
Tri-City Herald
Bound by the Bomb: What's in a Name - Plenty for Plutonium
Tri-City Herald
August 12
Hodges Threats Make a Point Greenville News
S.C. Governor Rejects Flats Plutonium
Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado)
Not Spent Yet: Nuclear Waste Export Challenged
Asia Times
Federal Register Announcement from 1998 - Plutonium Will Go to SRS to be Immobilized
Greenville News
SC Attorney General's Statement on Pu Shipments
Greenville News
Hodges Vows to Block Plutonium Shipments
Charlotte Observer (North Carolina)
South Carolina in Position to be Picky
Rocky Mountain News
South Carolina Says No to Flats Plutonium
Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colorado)
August 11
Governor Threatens to Bar Plutonium Shipments  New York Times
Condon Joins Hodges in Opposing Plutonium Shipments
  Greenville News
Condon Backs Hodges Plan to Block Plutonium Stance
The State (Columbia, SC)
Cost Overruns Hurt Plutonium Project, Federal Report Says  Las Vegas Sun
Crucial BNFL Pay Ballot Whitehaven News (UK)
Unions Get Writing to Help Save MOX
Barrow News & Star (UK)

The Cheney Energy Plan: Technically Unsound and Unsustainable  IEER
Governor Hodges Vows to Block Plutonium Shipments
Greenville News (South Carolina)
Hodges Letter to the Department of Public Safety  Greenville News

August 10
Report Says Plant Cost Is Up Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
Plutonium Plan Faces Overhaul  AP
S.C. Might Close its Borders to Plutonium
  The State (Columbia, SC)

August 9
SC Congressmen May Halt SRS Plutonium Shipments  The State (Columbia SC)
SRS Changes Plan for Waste Treatment
  Augusta Chronicle

August 8

Pressure Building on Bush to Reveal His Energy Advisors  The Independent

August 7

Make Up Your Mind Already [FFTF]  US News & World Report
August 6

Environment Agency to Cut Emissions from Sellafield  Edie.net
Nuclear Waste Creates Storm in France
  Boston Globe
Bush Restates Nuclear Support
  Chattanooga Times Free Press

August 5

Remote Mountain at Center of Nuclear Waste Dispute  Kansas City Star
British Energy Eyes BNFL 

August 4

Russian Region Unhappy with Plans to Import Spent Nuclear Fuel  Financial Times
Nuclear Power Industry Feels the Wind at its Back
  International Herald Tribune

August 3

DOE Examines Proposal to Lease FFTF Tri-City Herald

August 2

Energy Bill Faces Tough Senate Road AP

August 1

Nuclear Firm Ready to Build MOX Plant in Rokkasho  Japan Times
Bush's Energy Policy Takes Center Stage
  Financial Times
House GOP Energy Bill Trims President's Plan
  Washington Post
Nuke Waste Shipment Leaves Germany
Radioactive Health Inquiry
Financial Times

July 31

Japan, US Govts Eye Joint Research on Recycling Next Generation N-Fuels  Yomiuri Shimbun
Aomori May Get MOX Factory
Japan Times
Nuclear Fuel Put in Uncertified Containers
   Japan Times
Radioactive Waste Site: A Shift in Strategy
  New York Times
Ban on Protests Against Nuclear Waste Shipment
   Frankfurter Allgemeine
Plan to Reduce Radioactive Risk 
Financial Times

July 28

Mothballed Plutonium Plant Faces £250 Million Loss  Guardian
BNFL Plant 'Cheaper to Operate than Cancel'
  Financial Times
Law Firm Lobbied for Nuclear Industry While Advising Government
             New York Times

July 27

Progress crawls on proposed MOX plant
Augusta Chronicle
July 26

Cheney Stands Firm in Fight Over Energy Task Force
FORATOM: New data endorses nuclear energy option
M2 Communications
July 25

International Nuclear Forum: Discrimination Toward Nuclear Electricity  Jeopardizes Climate Goals BCE Emergis
TEPCO asked to postpone recycled nuke fuel use Japan Today
July 24

Dick Cheney no longer seen as the powerful puppeteer National Post

Kyoto Deal Brings Relief, Questions AP

178 Nations Reach Climate Accord; U.S. Only Looks On New York Times

Bush Ponders Aid for Only Domestic Supplier of Reactor Fuel New York Times
July 23

World Clinches Climate Deal Without U.S. Reuters
July 21
Senator says derailment shows danger of nuclear waste shipping AP
A voice louder than Cheney's Energy panel accents public comment
San Francisco Chronicle
July 20
Poll: Nuclear Power Too Dangerous AP
Feud Breaks Out Over Nuclear Theft
Frankfurter Allgemeine
It's Time for Action on Yucca Mountain
Power Engineering
July 19
GAO Turns Up Heat on Cheney Over Energy Task Force Reuters
Cheney Records Demanded
Washington Post
House Panels Speed Up Work on Energy Bills
Washington Post
July 18
Government warned off MOX Guardian Unlimited (UK)
Cheney moves to short-circuit his power bill
Guardian Unlimited
Theft exposes nuclear security lapse The Times

Bush switch on conservation saves credibility
Chicago Tribune
Minister set to end process work at Dounreay
Herald (UK)
July 17
Cheney Pitches Conservation Washington Post
Nuclear employee 'borrows' tube of plutonium
Independent (UK)
July 16
U.S. Review on Russia Urges Keeping Most Arms Controls
New York Times
Drop in Fuel Price May Weaken Push for Energy Plans
New York Times
Bush Cabinet Members to Tout Energy Plan Benefits
July 15
Germany Studies Possible Nuclear Theft AP
July 14
Reid proposal slashes budget for Yucca Mountain research Reno Gazette-Journal
July 13

Operation Plutonium Completed
Moscow Times
Feds Check Nuclear Plant Safety Systems
Missteps on charm offensive [opinion]
Christian Science Monitor
Nuke fuel quality to remain secret
Japan Today
US, France to Collaborate on Reactor Research
EarthVision News
July 12
Top Cop: Terrorism Is Top Concern Wired News
Security chief: Flats violations hushed up Denver Post
Greens outraged as Putin signs nuclear imports law
Guardian Unlimited
July 11
Putin signs waste import law RosBusiness Consulting
Nukes: A Lesson From Russia
Washington Post
France and USA to fund research into advanced reactors
Centaur Com. (UK)
Shippers of waste face toll for use of roads
Des Moines Register
'Price war threat' to electricity generators The Times (UK)
Nuclear fuel rods' location elusive Tri-City Herald
July 10
Activists, residents tour weapons facility Augusta Chronicle
Nuclear Waste Plan Shelved
Salt Lake Tribune
The Declining Terrorist Threat [editorial] New York Times
N-fuel process, cleanup stir activists
Buffalo News
Heat is on to check N. Korea's nuclear program
USA Today
July 9
Israeli defense minister: Iran could have nuclear weapons by 2005 AP
Safety inspectors called in to investigate fuel rods accident at nuclear power station Independent
Whither Plutonium? A waste worthy of worry [editorial] Dallas Morning News
July 8
The Nuclear Option Revisited L.A. Times
Rep. worried about nuke waste
Bristol Press
Minister on US mission to research energy policy Financial Times (UK)
July 7
MP's warning on nuclear plans BBC
Gov't to Build Spent Fuel Repository
Korea Times)
Nuclear chief throws down gauntlet
Financing the nuclear revival
Financial Times (UK)
July 1

Japan nuclear power firms refuse to buy British MOX fuel Japan Times
SNP split on nuclear U-turn Scotland on Sunday
June 30
Nuclear power, thanks
Telegraph (UK)
June 29
Conservation-Mindful Bush Turns to Energy Research New York Time
BNFL Rules Out New Nuclear Plants
House Panel Debates U.S. Nuclear Plant Liability Law
France Finalizes Nuclear Industry Revamp
Panel: N-Power Required
Yomiuri Shimbun
June 28
Bush, GOP Mount Effort to Sell Energy Plan Washington Post
BNFL Warns Of Energy Crisis
Sky News (UK)
Berkley seeks release of nuke waste routes
Las Vegas Review-Journal
EPA sued over Yucca standards
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Nuclear option back on agenda
Guardian Unlimited
June 27
Turning California On [op-ed] New York Times
Hiranuma to visit Niigata over MOX rejection Japan Times
D. Cheney, Man of Mystery
L.A. Times
Nuclear agency still struggling with management issues
Government Executive
Recycled nuclear fuel on the move
Japan Today
Labour worries over nuclear reaction
The Times
June 26
Referendum stalls Japanese nuclear power strategy Nature Magazine (June 14 issue, PDF file)
Nuclear power back on agenda
Financial Times
Cheney Withholds List of Those Who Spoke to Energy Panel
New York Times
Turks Protest Nuclear Shipments in Narrow Bosphorus Strait
Environment News Service
Energy review to consider building nuclear plants The Times
Blair opens way for a nuclear comeback
Nuclear power? No thanks. It is too expensive and still far too much of a risk
June 25
Study flags radioactive threat
Playing Politics With Nuclear Waste
Washington Post
Disaster plan to be expanded for flooding, landslides, nuclear accidentsJapan Times (AP, Reuters)
The New Nuclear Danger The Nation
BNFL problems delaying MOX
Japan Times
Wellstone: Nuclear waste must be moved Red Wing Republican Eagle
SRS faces dangerous waste dilemma Florida Times-Union
Water worries beset nuclear site U.S. wants to store reactor waste inside Nevada mountain San Francisco Chronicle
June 24
Blair plans new nuclear power plants Scotland on Sunday
Anti-nuclear campaigners claim Dounreay 'victory
Nuclear waste to roll through Midwest
AP (Lawrence Journal-World)
S.C. nuclear plants look to future
The State-Record Company
Nuclear power has momentum
The Sun News
June 23
Yucca funding proceeds Las Vegas Review-Journal
June 22
Setback for BNFL over Sellafield recycling Financial Times
Radioactive Russia? [op-ed]
Washington Times
Survey Indicates
Differences Between Public and Washington Insiders On Energy Policy Business Wire (Yahoo)
June 21
Bent Shocks Party With Nuclear Talk NewsDay
Train with radioactive cargo to pass through here
The Beacon Journal (Ohio)
'Stealing' U.S. Nukes
Washington Post
N. Korea Nixes Nuclear Inspection
June 20
Police guard German nuclear waste BBC
Windmills huff, puff against nuclear powerhouses
The Japan Times
June 19
Review may bring nuclear reviva Guardian Unlimited
June 18
Report: Iraq Bought Weapon Material AP Yahoo
N. Korea Demands U.S. Compensation
Washington Post
Voinovich to push for more nuclear power AP
UK energy review may rally nuclear power
Financial Times
June 17
Nuclear Power Still Expensive, Still Dirty, Still Dangerous Progressive Populist Opinion Journal
Dangerous Dead-End Progressive Populist Opinion Journal
First public hearing on Nuclear reactors put off Indian Express Newspapers
June 16
Aluminium shipment to Iran draws US protest Telegraph [ UK]
Urgent tasks for Koizumi The Japan Times
June 15
Russia ready to reprocess nuclear fuel Japan Today
Abandoning nuclear power, Germany turns to wind Chieftain
Irish govt to take legal action over BNFL's Sellafield MOX plant AFXpress
June 14
Solving Asia's nuclear-waste dilemma
The Japan Times
Secrets hidden in nuclear bunker Accountancy Age
Report: Canada vulnerable to terrorist attacks CNN
Niigata pushing nuclear policy Japan Today
Ireland to seek arbitration over new Sellafield plant Guardian Unlimited
June 13
Nuclear Milestone Divides U.S., Russia Washington Post
Nuclear Dumps Foes Hopeful Washington Post
Germany Will Not Ship Nuclear Waste to Russia Frankfurter Allgemeine
E Asia emerges as nuclear powerhouse Financial Times Financial Times
Duke Energy Pursues License Renewal for Nuclear Stations Yahoo!
June 12
Protests hold up German nuclear shipment EuroNews
Germans agree nuclear exit plan Guardian Unlimited
EPA Sets Standards for Nuclear Waste Repository Earth Vision
Signing ceremony in Germany makes nuclear plants obsolete
Tampa Tribune
Germany signs end to nuclear power
June 11
German nuclear industry to close CNN
German Nuclear Shutdown Protested New York Times-AP
Energy Debate: Malthus vs. Big Oil [op ed] New York Times
Cost to Treat Waste May Doom Industry ABQ Journal
More Join Chorus for Nuke Power ABQ Journal
Government, Utilities to Sign Nuclear Energy Pact Frankfurter Allgemeine
June 10
Bush Is Revising Energy Policy to Address Global Warming New York Times
Sunday Soapbox: Nuclear energy carries too many risks [op ed] Evansville Courier & Press
Environmentalists praise U.S. stance on nuclear fuel bill Chicago Tribune
Egypt hosts international nuclear energy conference Zawya.com
June 9
The New Nuclear Danger The Nation
Nuclear company fined GBP100,000... Environmental Data Interactive Exchange
June 8
New Terrorist Bomb Fears Over MOX Fuel Whitehaven News
Despite Hoopla No New U.S. Nuclear Plants Soon Reuters
Fears of an Energy Crisis Begin to Dim Washington Post
Report: U.S. Nuke Storage Plan is Safe CNN
The Rebirth of Nuclear Hinges on Waste Disposal Financial Times
Russian Minister Denounces Waste Plan AP
June 7
Limit for Radioactive Leaks Is Set for Nuclear Waste Site New York Times
Nevada Nuclear Sites Faces Limits New York Times
Duma Approves Nuclear Fuel Imports Moscow Times
June 6
U.S. Sets Safety Rules for Yucca Mountain Waste Site Washington Post
Russia Passes Nuclear Waste Plan Washington Post
June 5
Monju Moves a Step Closer to Resuming Operations Asahi Shimbun
June 4
South Carolina Objects to Being Dump Site Rocky Mountain News
New Focus on an Old Nuclear Problem New York Times
Reprocessing Used Fuel New York Times
Change in Senate Slows Energy Plan New York Times
Plant-Building Gets a Boost from U.S. Financial Times
June 3
Spent Nuclear Fuel [Ed Lyman letter] New York Times
Bush Advisors on Energy Report Ties to Industry New York Times
Russia Wants Nuclear Waste Imports BBC
Nuclear Power Possibility Gets Plants Talking Augusta Chronicle
June 2
Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada is Dead for Now, Daschle Says AP
MOX Plan Dealt Blow by Japanese Utility Financial Times
June 1
Plan to Recycle Plutonium Delayed [Japan] AP
Kansai Electric to Push MOX Japan Today
Tepco Puts MOX Debut on Hold Japan Times
Daschle: Nuclear Waste Plan 'Dead' AP
Nuclear Power: Worth the Risk? [letters to ed.] New York Times
May 31
Getting the Point - Up to a Point [op ed] Washington Post
Nevada Nuke Dump Support Withdrawn AP
Dominion Applies to Renew Virginia Nuclear Licenses Reuters
President's Energy Plan Faces New Hazard Financial Times
May 30
MOX Fuel Referendum Mainichi Daily News
Trade Groups in Lock Step Behind Bush Energy Policy Washington Post
Dems to Fight Bush on Energy Bill AP
Bush Energy Plan Faces New Political Hazard Financial Times
Some High Energy Posturing in California Washington Post
Bush, Davis Collide Over Energy Policy Los Angeles Times
Sheen Narrates Anti-Nuke Video AP
Uranium Prices at Lowest Level Since 1994 Casper Star-Tribune
May 29
TEPCO Quits MOX Project Mainichi Shimbun
Pluthermal Delay Now a Certainty Asahi Shimbun
Koizumi plans to boost PR after town votes no on MOX Japan Times
MOX Fuel Policy Now in Question Yomiuri Shimbun
Premier: Government Must Explain MOX Use Yomiuri Shimbun
Opponents Pleased with Anti-MOX Vote Japan Times
U.S. think tank praises village for standing against fuel plan Japan Times
Ground Zero in Nuclear Power Battle [Yucca Mountain] Christian Science Monitor
Energy study gives black marks to coal, boost to nukes Christian Science Monitor
Hard Questions on Nuclear Power [editorial] New York Times
Industry eyes new reactors; could Vermont Yankee get one? Foster's Online
Who'll Run America's Nuke Plants? Business Week
It's Still Dawn for Solar Power in L.A. Washington Post
Uranium Plants Harm Ozone Layer Louisville Courier-Journal
May 28
Japan Urges Support for Nuclear Power AP
Japanese Village Rejects Recycled Nuclear Energy Chicago Tribune
Niigata village says no to MOX fuel use at nuke plant Japan Times
Kariwa Villagers Say 'No' to MOX Fuel Plan Asahi Shimbun
Time for a Review of Nuclear Policy [editorial] Asahi Shimbun
Sellafield Plant Dealt Blow by Japanese Village The Guardian
Japan's Nuclear Industry in Shock After 'No' Vote Reuters
PM Pleads for Nuke Future Mainichi Daily News
Japan Seeks Support for Nuclear Fuel Reuters
Japanese Voters Reject Mixed Plutonium Uranium Nuclear Fuel ENS
Japan Offensive on Nuclear Power BBC
BNFL says Japanese vote against MOX is no 'setback' Financial Times
Russia Allows Nuke Dump Inspection AP
Experts Discuss Threats of Nuclear Trafficking Daily Review
May 27
U.S. think tank praises Kariwa's opposition to MOX Kyodo News
Japanese Decline Nuclear Recycling AP
May 26
Russia Sees Payoff in Storing Nuclear Waste From Around the World New York Times
Russians Said to Oppose Waste Bill AP
Japan Village Starts Vote on Use of Nuclear Fuel Reuters
U.S. Energy Chief: Three Mile Shouldn't Curb Nuke Power Reuters
May 25
Shift May Derail Energy Proposals Washington Post
Power Trader Tied to Bush Finds Washington All Ears New York Times
Nuclear Industry Readies for 'Renaissance' Financial Times
Nuclear Fuel Review Plea London Telegraph
Court Challenge to Nuclear Plant The Guardian
May 24
Radioactive Material Leak at Japan Nuclear Reactor Reuters
Terrorists ''Dirty Bomb' Plot New Nuclear Threat Irish Independent
Terrorists ''Dirty Bomb' is Nuclear Nightmare The Independent
An Inefficient Energy Plan [editorial] Washington Post
Charges Possible in Fuel Rods Case [Millstone] AP
Energy chief plans first tour of site Augusta Chronicle
Energy Initiatives at Local Level Stressed Japan Times
Nuclear Summer Time Magazine
Waste the key to convincing world nuclear is clean Reuters
Cheney, Nuclear Power Execs Hold Love Fest Powermarketers.com
Waste Disposal the Kink in Nuke Power Plan Powermarketers.com
New Nuclear Power Push Arouses Old Fears San Francisco Chronicle
Nuking the Atmosphere Mother Jones
Nuclear Answer to Global Warming, Shortage [oped] Wichita Eagle
Let Markets Decide the Nuclear Question National Post
Plutonium for Sale New Scientist
May 23
For Cheney, a Positive Reaction Washington Post
Nuclear Power Gains in Status After Lobbying New York Times
N-Power Needed, Cheney Proclaims Boston Globe
Industry Seeks 50 Nuke Plants Las Vegas Sun
New Battle Looms on Nuclear Power Baltimore Sun
Cheney Describes Nuclear Answer Contra Costa Times
Nuclear Power News Hour with Jim Lehrer
Wind Generating Capacity Blows By Nuclear for Second Year Earth Vision
Energy Junkies [op ed] Washington Post
Nuke Accident Test Fax Draws Red Faces [Germany] AP
U.S. Denies New Energy Plan Fuels Global Warming AP
Nuclear Power: The Numbers Don't Add Up Comment Wire
May 22
U.N. Says U.S. Energy Policy Fuels Global Warming Reuters
PEMA: Nuclear Exercise at Three Mile Island Tomorrow PR Newswire
Nevada Nuclear Dump Debated Again AP
May 21
Energy Price Controls: Been There, Done That [op ed] Washington Post
Growing U.S. Has a Hunger for Power Washington Times
Safest Path on Energy: More Nuclear Plants New York Times
Yucca Opposition Renewed as Energy Plan Unfolds Reno Gazette-Journal
Radioactive Corner of Russia Could Grow More So Under Plan Boston Globe
May 20
Cheney: "Reprocessing...needs to be looked at" Excerpt from NBC "Meet the Press" interview with Vice President Dick Cheney, May 20,2001
Change in Plutonium Disposal Plan Draws Complaints New York Times
Plutonium Disposal Delay Could Affect Flats Waste Denver Post
Nuclear Industry Reclaims Spotlight New York Times
Developing Energy Bill Ignites Power Scramble Washington Post
Cheney Says Energy Woes Solution at Home, Not OPEC Reuters
Bright Ideas, All Along [op ed] Washington Post
National energy plan may mean bounty for nuclear power research in Idaho The Olympian
Energy Giants Seek Return to Nuclear Power Sunday Times
May 19
Bush Orders Quicker Power Plant Approvals Washington Post
Bush Shows His Green Side to Sell Agenda New York Times
Nuclear Power to the Rescue? [Tom Clements Letter to the Editor] Washington Post
Editorial: Pluthermal Conversion Plans Remain Focus of Many Doubts Asah iShimbun
Japan Nuclear Policymakers Welcome Bush Proposal Reuters
May 18
Bush Issues Energy Warning Washington Post
Bush Signs Executive Energy Orders AP
Bush, Pushing Energy Plan, Offers Scores of Proposals to Find New Power Sources New York Times
The Details: Excessive Regulation is Blamed for Energy Woes New York Times
News Analysis: A New Focus on Supply New York Times
A Misguided Energy Proposal [editorial] New York Times
Nuclear Power Play [op ed] Washington Post
Energy Industry Lobbying Congress AP
Parties Respond to Energy Plans AP
LDP Sees Nuclear as a Core Source of Power [Japan] Japan Times
May 17
More Nuclear Power Means More Risk [Paul Leventhal op-ed] New York Times
Nuclear Critics Slam Administration AP
Reaction to Bush's Energy Report AP
Whitehouse Outlines New Energy Policy Washington Post
Bush Places His Bet on Energy Industry Washington Post
In Energy Plan, Bush Urges New Drilling, Conservation and Nuclear Power Review New York Times
Bush Proposes Energy Plan Tapping Oil and Gas Reserves New York Times
Proposal is Latest U.S. Reaction to Energy Concerns that Wax and Wane New York Times
Both Parties Set Their Stages as Curtains Rise on Energy Plans New York Times
Misinformation and Scare Tactics [Jimmy Carter op-ed] Washington Post
Nuclear Power Described as 'Major Component' of Bush Policy Washington Post
Cheney's Role Offers Strengths and Liabilities Washington Post
Greenpeace Dumps Coal Outside Cheney Home Reuters
Power Producers Light Up Wall Street Washington Post
May 16
Cheney Says Push Needed to Boost Nuclear Power Reuters
Senate Republicans Prepare Energy Plan Washington Post
Bush Task Force on Energy Worked in Mysterious Ways New York Times
Sensing Bush Liability, Democrats Push Their Own Energy Plan New York Times
New Calif. Rates Punish 'Energy Hogs' Washington Post
More than California's Problem [op ed] Washington Post
Japanese Approve Nuclear Plant AP
Japan Panel OKs First Nuke Plant Since 1999 Accident Reuters
May 15
Energy Plan to Fuel Long Fight Washington Post
Bush to Unveil His Energy Plan ABC News
Cheney Makes a Pitch to Unions Washington Post
Hearing Bush Energy Plan, Union Leaders Offer Praise New York Times
Cheney Uses Jobs to Woo Unions on Energy Plan Reuters
Bush Energy Plan to Move Fast in Senate, Lott Says Reuters
In Energy Plan, Property Rights May Be an Issue New York Times
Cheney: Energy Woes Take Time to Fix AP
Democrats to Release Energy Plan AP
E.U., U.S. Promote Energy Cooperation AP
Protests Mark Atomic Waste Shipment [Germany] AP
May 14
Bush Hopes to Win Backing of Unions for Energy Plan New York Times
Dick Cheney, Energy Czar [editorial] New York Times
Can Nuclear Plants Get Second Chance Here After WPPSS? Seattle Times
May 13
Energy Proposal to Emphasize More Production Washington Post
Economic View: A Debate is Renewed Over Nuclear Power New York Times
Whitehouse Seeks Input on Energy AP
Bush Plan for Energy Hits Home Akron Beacon Journal
IEA to advocate N-power for 1st time in 8 years Yomiuri Shimbun
New England's Nukes: Boosters, opponents weigh in on Bush's push for nuclear power Boston Herald
Let's Look Harder Before We Leap [nuclear power op-ed] Washington Post
Outdated Thinking is Holding Us Back [nuclear power op-ed] Washington Post
High Praise, High Hopes for High Tech [Cheney speech] Washington Post
Foreign Firms Threaten Crisis for Sellafield The Independent
May 12
Energy Crisis Solutions Years Away, Bush Says Washington Post
White House Goes to Capitol Hill to Push Energy Plan AP
Nuclear Comeback [editorial] Washington Post
Energy Conservation Pressure Mounts AP
Russia Approves Nuclear Fuel Plan But Demands Cash Reuters
Russia Slow to Destroy Weapons AP
New meltdown-proof nuclear plants are possible, Entergy exec says Power Engineering
May 11
Bush to Outline Energy Plan May 17 AP
DOE Silent on Energy Task Force Contacts Washington Post
Vice President Rebuffs Energy Critics USA Today
Many Utilities Call Conserving Good Business New York Times
U.S. Mulls Shift of Nuke Research AP
May 10
Cheney Energy Plan Draws Fire Financial Times
High Praise, High Hopes for High Tech [Cheney speech] Washington Post
Whitehouse Asks Unions to Meet on Energy Policy Washington Post
Green Groups Say W. House Energy Plan Ignores Conservation Reuters
Senator: U.S. Energy Plan Will Endorse Bio fuels Reuters
May 9
Plutonium Use Raises Concerns Charlotte Observer
Duke Energy Defends Mixed-Oxide Fuel Plan Reuters
Cheney Panel Backs Power Plant, Hybrid Car Incentives Washington Post
Cheney is Backing Plan to Expand Cleaner Sources of Energy New York Times
Nuclear Still a Mistake Second Time Around [editorial] Toronto Star
'Clean' Electricity: Coal Emerging from a Black Cloud Los Angeles Times
Plan for Missile Defense Not Clear Washington Post
'Loose Nukes' Get Shortchanged? Christian Science Monitor
Iraq Mulled Building Radiation Bomb AP
Cheney to Lead Anti-Terrorism Plan Team Washington Post
Bush Taps Cheney to Study Anti-Terrorism Steps New York Times
Cuts Urged in Patrols Over Iraq Washington Post
Military Analysis: U.S. Weighing Future of Arms Pacts New York Times
New German Waste Shipment Arrives AP
American Official Predicts U.S.-North Korea Talks Will Resume Soon AP
N. Korea Nuclear Pact is Verifiable Tri-Valley Herald
Company Confident About Trade Case [uranium imports] AP
Rumsfeld Lays Out a Strategy for Space Los Angeles Times
Bolton Survives Battle to Be Arms-Control Czar Washington Times
IAF fine-tuning nuclear interception techniques Indian Express
India Using Nuclear-Weapon Carrying Aircraft DAWN
May 8
Cheney Defends Nuclear Waste Dump AP
DOE Delays Seeking License for Nuclear Waste Dump in Nevada Nevada Appeal
Cheney Sees Balanced U.S. Energy Report Reuters
Bush Works on a Nuclear Power Boost Philadelphia Inquirer
Nuke Plant Feasibility is Studied Knoxville News-Sentinel
Britain's BNFL says new deal means Mox break-even Reuters
Bush Team Grapples with Energy Woes AP
Rolling Blackouts Renewed in Calif. Washington Post
The Toxic Waste of Nuclear Power New York Times
Russian Scientists Nervously Await U.S. Decision on Fate of Nuclear Program AP
May 7
Nuclear Power's New Day [op ed] New York Times
Bush Threatening to Slash Spending on Nuclear Safety Aid to Russia The Guardian
Nuclear Fuel Firm Fights for Russia Deal Washington Post
Plutonium Proposal at SRS Sparks Safety Debate The State
May 6
Energy Department Conjurs New Plan for Nuke Waste ENN
Nuclear power, energy option: If waste problem can be solved, new reactors could add energy balance Grand Rapids Press
99%of Deadly Waste 'Ignored' at Dounreay Sunday Herald
May 5
W. House Energy Report Stirs Industry, Greens to Act Reuters
Old Fuels and Poor Policy [Bill Richardson op-ed] New York Times
Generators Eye Coal and Nuclear Plants Financial Times
U.S. Scientists See Big Power Savings from Conservation New York Times
Plutonium Means Prosperity at Savannah River Site Charlotte Observer
May 4
Radioactive Waste Disposal Program May Be Scrapped Charlotte Observer
Bush Launches Effort to Sell Energy Policy Overhaul Washington Post
Nuclear Renaissance National Post
The Nuclear Future - A Closer Look at Safety Power Online
Nuclear Power Comes "Clean" in U.S. Ad Campaign Reuters
Power company pitches new generation of nuclear plants Las Vegas Review-Journal
IAEA Releases Nuclear Power Statistics for 2000 IAEA
May 3
Nuclear Industry Argues New Reactors Will Be Safer, but Will Public Buy That? Wall Street Journal
Cheney Promises Big U.S. Nuclear Power Expansion The Guardian
U.S. Returns to Nuclear Energy The Guardian
UK's BNFL says E. ON nuclear deal helps MOX plant Reuters
Millions Order Boost for MOX Whitehaven News
Jack and the Japanese See Eye to Eye [BNFL] Whitehaven News
Abraham: Co's Should Pay for Energy AP
May 2
Mr. Bush's Nuclear Blueprint [editorial] New York Times
Energy Amnesia [op ed] Washington Post
May 1
BNFL MOX deal with Eon boosts recycling plans Financial Times
Bush Energy Plan Will Emphasize Production Washington Post
Cheney Promotes Increasing Supply as Energy Policy New York Times
Cheney Seeks More Sources of Energy Washington Times
Nuclear Mix-Up [Ralph Nader on TVA tritium plans] San Francisco Bay Guardian
'Nuclear Reactors Meet All Safety Requirements' The Hindu