Iraqi Post-War Nuclear Program Activities:
Unresolved Issues

Unresolved Issue

IAEA October 1997 Consolidated Report

Subsequent IAEA Reports

Documentation of Iraqi government orders to stop the bomb program

October 1997 report, p. 6, 14: IAEA asked Iraqi counterpart to provide "fuller explanation and additional documentation to support its declared abandonment of the programme."

April 1998 report, 27: In March 1998, Iraq claims that no such decree exists. IAEA has formally requested Tariq Aziz to determine whether such a decree exists.

Post-war procurement

October 1997 report, p. 10, 29: "Iraq has also undertaken to provide information regarding its post-war procurement modalities."

In October 1997, Iraq provided documents indicating that nine of 11 companies involved in post-war procurement for the MIC had been dissolved in August 1995. (January 1998 report, 5) In December 1997, IAEA described this as a "simple administrative matter" that was not "of major significance." (December 1997 report, 19-20) IAEA has not made any details of the post-war procurement network publicly available.

Iraqi criminal law to punish violation of UN resolutions

October 1997 report, p. 11, 35: "Iraq has not yet advised the IAEA of its enactment of penal laws to enforce the prohibition on all natural and legal persons under Iraq's jurisdiction or control from undertaking anywhere any activity that is prohibited for Iraq by relevant Security Council resolutions or by the IAEA's OMV plan, as required pursuant to paragraph 34 of the IAEA's OMV plan."

In March 1998, Iraq informed IAEA that such laws were currently under "active consideration." (April 1998 report, 24)

Current Iraqi activities at former weapons sites

October 1997 report, p. 12, 41: "In particular, the July 1997 declarations include supplementary information, requested by the IAEA, on current activities at certain sites involved in the production of materials, equipment and components, as well as sites involved in design and in research and development work. The IAEA is evaluating the most recent declarations and will identify requirements for future improvements."

In early 1998, Iraq provided its summary of activities at some sites from July to December 1997, but not all, and IAEA said that improvement was still needed in future reports. (April 1998 report, 13)

What was the outcome of the IAEA evaluation?

Inconsistent information on when weaponization activities stopped at Al Atheer

October 1997 report, p. 62, sec. 2.6: "Iraq's statement that all weaponization activities ongoing at Al Atheer ceased as a result of the aerial bombardment in January 1991 is supported by the Al Atheer progress report, dated 10 September 1991 and covering the period from 1 June 1990 through 7 June 1991. However, that same report contradicts Iraq's statement that its clandestine nuclear programme was effectively abandoned at that same time, by a statement, presumably by the Director General of Group Four, that "the factory is able to continue the implementation of its work-plan in spite of the material damage we have suffered", by which, in July 1997, he acknowledged that he had meant that Group Four could continue the nuclear weapons mission. The same report also included a proposal for the repair of Site 100, the heavy-duty high explosive external test bunker, and qualified as 'important' some equipment useful only in the context of the continuation of the programme. In a letter dated 15 September 1997, the Iraqi counterpart disavowed the statement of the former Director General of Group Four, and characterised the statement as a personal opinion rather than the official Iraqi position."

Not mentioned in subsequent IAEA reports.

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